Product designer, 2x SaaS founder...I get it. 

I'm the founder of 3 products: Nusii (A client proposal SaaS for design agencies), Develop Your UX (A UX design course for developers) and Feature Flux (a design collaboration tool).

But more importantly, I place great communication above everything. When it comes to building successful products there is no such thing as a solo designer.

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Past clients. 

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“Nathan very quickly developed an understanding of our software and what we were trying to do for our users - he has a great sense for building SaaS software that needs to continue delivering increasing value for customers."

Patrick Foley

Senior Product Manager, Moraware.

Case Studies

These case studies should give you a better insight into how I work. 

Image of my Moraware case study


Moraware began life ten years ago as a brotherly favour. Over time their software has grown into a complete solution for countertop fabricators.

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Nusii began life in 2014 as an alternative to time consuming systems that were around. Adobe InDesign and static PDF’s were the dish of the day.

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Feature Upvote

Find out what your customers need and what your team has to say...The easiest way to gather feature suggestions without the bloat of traditional PM software. 

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“Nusii wouldn't be what it is without Nathan's dedication. From the start, simplicity was key for us but simple isn't as easy as it sounds. Great UX is fundamental for any successful software”

Michael Koper

Co-founder, Nusii.

Recent Articles

Want to improve the usability of your SaaS? Check out my most recent articles. 

Image from the How to improve your SaaS customer onboarding. blog post

How to improve your SaaS customer onboarding.

Increasing the number of trials users to paid customers is one of the most impactful ways you can grow your SaaS business. It's also one of the most difficult areas to get right. So how can you help move the numbers up and to the right?

Image from the UX, the ugly stepsister of UI, blog post

UX, the underapprectiated ugly stepsister of UI.

Many consider UX as the ugly stepsister of UI. While UI focuses on 'looking good', UX is often perceived as bland and unremarkable. Does this mean we should discount UX as a mere inconvenience? In today's fast-paced digital landscape, the importance of UX cannot be overstated.

Image from the How to improve your SaaS signup flow, blog post

How to improve your SaaS customer sign-up flow.

The SaaS signup process is where your customer's journey begins. This initial experience can make or break conversion rates and also set expectations for the rest of their time with you. Getting it right is crucial! 

image of a designer using a tablet to create wireframes

A dedicated product designer for your startup – without the hefty salary

We live in a fast-paced world and your potential customers have a bunch of options when it comes to filling the software gap in their lives. Unfortunately, you have only minutes to hook them after signup.

Poor onboarding can lead to a high churn rate, which in turn leads to the need for more top-of-the-funnel traffic…Which in turn leads to wasting marketing budget as more new trials churn. The problem is that when you lose a potential customer not only do you lose a paid account, you lose word-of-mouth marketing and potential brand evangelists. That’s the kind of marketing money can’t buy! And it all starts with your app.

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