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“Nathan very quickly developed an understanding of our software and what we were trying to do for our users - he has a great sense for building SaaS software that needs to continue delivering increasing value for customers."

Patrick Foley

Senior Product Manager, Moraware.

Case Studies

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Intro to the company: Moraware

Moraware began ten years ago as a brotherly favour. Over time their software grew into a complete solution for countertop fabricators.

While initially designed by their dev team (which has gotten them to where they are today with over 10.000 active customer accounts), it has left them with a lot of design and technical debt. Improving customer success through improvements to the software, alongside the creation of new areas meant this project was going to be a challenge… speaking of which.

The challenge

Every day, staff across the US receive deliveries to their countertop fabricator warehouses. An accurate reception of these deliveries and subsequent stock counts is critical to the success and profitability of these businesses. Currently there is no way to do this using Moraware.

The challenge was to design a new addition to the Moraware software suite; A mobile-first app that allows warehouse staff to accurately receive, count and update stock…all while being tied into the main body of the software. 

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Nusii: Online proposals

Intro to the company: Nusii

Nusii began life in 2014 as an alternative to time consuming systems that were around. Adobe InDesign and static PDF’s were the dish of the day. Very few online alternatives existed and those that did were outdated. Nusii began as a personal project and soon grew into a real business that was my main focus for several years.

The goal was simple, to create a standardised, repeatable system for the creation, sending and signing of client proposals.

The challenge

When you’re competing with established methodologies, the fight can be a tough one. Many creative agencies clung to Adobe Illustrator and InDesign as if their lives depended on it. “We want complete artistic control!” Which is a fair comment… However, my own experience showed me that these traditional systems could take anything from a few hours to several days to create a new proposal. There is a balance that needs to be struck between efficiency and designed-by-hand-pixel-perfect-proposals (that are static and not trackable once sent). 

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“Nusii wouldn't be what it is without Nathan's dedication. From the start, simplicity was key for us but simple isn't as easy as it sounds. Great UX is fundamental for any successful software”

Michael Koper

Co-founder, Nusii.

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Intro to the company: Consensus

Consensus aim to shorten the sales cycle with intelligent interactive video demos. No business can survive without making sales, this makes presales big business!

The challenge

The enterprise sales cycle can be complicated, especially when you get into larger ticket sales. Challenging the way that businesses work at a core level is always tricky. Fortunately, automation can help save an incredible number of billable hours every month, freeing up sales staff for higher touch areas. Can we convince sales managers to put their presales in the hands of software?

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