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My name's Nathan and I'm a Product/UX designer who has been around in one professional capacity or another since 2005.

Things have changed a lot over the last 15 years or so. Editorial print is all but dead. Digital is king. Mobile rules the internet waves and software helps us run both our personal and professional lives.

We all want to enjoy the products we use and interact with. The word "enjoy" can be interpreted in different ways; 

  • I don't have to think about how I'm using this product.
  • I instinctively know my way around this product.
  • Using this product makes my life (or this task) easier.
  • You know what, I actually do have fun using this product!

It's people like me whose goal it is to make this a reality.

I'm originally from Wales in the U.K. but have lived in Spain for over 20 years. I live near the mountains outside of Madrid and love to be out on my mountain bike whenever I can.

I work with clients from all around the globe and enjoy the fact that there are no limits on where or how we can work. Time zones are no longer an issue due to modern communication systems and asynchronous work schedules.

Who do I work with?
I work with established software businesses who have managed to chalk up significant technical/UX debt or businesses who have simply never worked with a UX designer. Either way I can help you put some order back in the chaos.

If you'd like to connect, be sure to hit the big old Email Me button below!

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