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Photo of a man trying out virtual reality glasses, portraying a sense of feeling lost or unsure

Product Design: I know how it works, and so will my customers.

Product teams tend to think they design easy-to-use software. After all, that's our job, right? This ease of use is even bragged about on our landing pages. But can we truly presume to be in the mind of our customers?

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How to improve your SaaS customer onboarding.

Increasing the number of trial users to paid customers is one of the most impactful ways you can grow your SaaS business. It's also one of the most difficult areas to get right. So how can you move the numbers up and to the right?

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image showing two different SaaS signup forms

How to improve your SaaS sign-up flow.

The SaaS signup process is where your customer's journey begins. This initial experience can make or break conversion rates and also set expectations for the rest of their time with you. Getting it right is crucial!

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UX, the ugly stepsister of UI.

It's a little harsh to admit, but many see UX as the ugly stepsister of UI. While UI focuses on aesthetics and visual appeal, UX is often perceived as bland and unremarkable. However, should we discount UX as a mere inconvenience?

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Image of a man looking confused as he ponders what UX is.

What is UX, really?

People refer to UX in many ways, the most common being User Experience or Usability. But what is UX and more importantly, what is it not?

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SaaS design is unforgiving.

SaaS design is unforgiving. When done well, it goes unnoticed. When done poorly, well, we know how that goes.

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