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You have less than 5 minutes to convince your next trial user to hang around.

That's not a huge amount of time, right? Get it wrong and you can say goodbye to that bump in MRR. So don't let this happen. Get a personalised review of your SaaS onboarding, with a focus on the first few minutes of your customer's journey. 

The review gave so much crucial information in terms of where the friction lies when creating your first tour and I really appreciate it! I seem to have a lot of gaps that I need to fill, but these are moving straight up on my todo list!

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Nathan's review rocked my world. I now have a list of quick wins to knock out — plus some bigger picture things to chew on. I’d highly, highly recommend getting a review for your SaaS.

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Have you got it right?

The first few minutes of a new customer journey are crucial. While websites enjoy a mere 5 to 8 seconds of attention before users decide to leave or continue, SaaS apps are lucky in that they have minutes to convince new trial users to hang around (still not a lot of time, right?).

These first few minutes in the customer journey are full of excitement and worry. 

  • "Will this help me solve my problem? I sure hope so!"
  • "How do I use this? Is it going to be easy?"
  • "Does it work how I think it should? I hope so!"

New trial accounts typically spend very little time learning how to use your software (in fact many will skip your carefully crafted walkthrough altogether). They want to know instinctively how it works.

This means you need all your ducks in a row. You need to have:

  • An easy sign-up process.
  • Fantastic onboarding that can be left and returned to at any point.
  • An intuitive, easy to use app. 
  • Have the solution to their problem. 

And you need to do all this in the space of a few minutes!

What is customer churn costing you?

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Are you spending hours, weeks or even months studying your SaaS, trying to find why your customers are leaving so soon? It can be soul crushing!

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There is only so much time you can bleed money before it becomes an issue. But what happens when you don't even know what the problem is or where it lies? 

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Dealing with anxiety is horrible. Unfortunately, the only way to get rid of it is to treat the cause... But where exactly does it lie? Do you know?

Watch a sample review

This is a sample of a public review, yours will be 100% private. 

What you’ll get.

For a short while I will become a trial user of your SaaS. I'll experience the same user journey as your real trial users, but unlike them, I won't bail if things get tough. In fact, I'll analyse the areas where your onboarding is failing and highlight the quick wins that will move the needle for your business. I'll also look at some of the bigger picture stuff, that will keep you going for some time.  

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A real time customer journey

You'll gain insight into what new customers experience during their first few minutes. You'll begin to undertand their frustrations, doubts and successes. You'll see fresh through my eyes. 

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A look at: The signup process.

According to a report by Heap, SaaS companies can expect to see a drop off of up to 64% on the signup form alone. That’s nuts! Why is this happening? We'll dig into your signup process.  

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A look at: Onboarding.

Many customers cancel out of a walkthrough because they want to 'look around'. But that doesn’t mean their onboarding help ends there. It's so much bigger than a visual guide. 

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Layout & empty dashboards.

App layout can be tough. Pair this with a lack of consistency and you’re in trouble. Many new customers want to instinctively find things. And empty dashboards? Woah! That's a biggie.

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Quick wins and big picture stuff.

As well as looking at the initial user journey, I'll give you a bunch of quick wins you can implement immediately. I'll also talk about some bigger picture stuff, just to really keep you and your team busy for a while.

Personalised Onboarding Video Review

  • When was the last time you looked at customer your onboarding experience?

  • When was the last time you watched a new trial onboard themselves?

  • When was the last time you watched or listened to the uncertainty and frustration experienced by new signups?

  • Book a personalised 25 to 35 minute video review of your customer journey. See where your software is failing, and how to fix it!

Recorded Review


(taxes may be applicable)

A 25-35 minute video review.

Recorded walkthrough and pesonalised feedback on how to improve your customer journey. 

Delivered in 48 hours.

With so many aspects of my SaaS to focus on, I found myself getting bogged down by minutia and fixes that weren't driving the business forward. Nathan helped me find the biggest wins and objectively improve my business

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Keith Perhac


Nathan's super power is finding solutions to UX problems, and fast! Our review allowed us to move much more quickly and get our software designs ahead of the needs of development. You need this for your SaaS!

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Product Design Retainer

Prefer a done for you service?

If you’re interested in having me work on your SaaS, I offer several retainer packages to keep your costs down and productivity up! 

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